Veteran Ammo is the ammunition brand produced by Veteran-owned and operated Hyperion Munitions focused on the best quality training, defense ammunition, and hunting products. We leverage our military backgrounds to ensure our ammunition works every time. We offer products in the centerfire handgun, rifle, and shotshell categories and are always adding product offerings.

As the Veteran Ammo brand expands, we focus on bringing new and proven technology to the end user, featuring the absolute best components in our loads. We offer a number of products loaded in the NAS3 two-piece case which is lightweight, handles massive pressures, and can be reloaded over 100 times without failure. This provides a great look as well as function to the products using this case technology. We are offering solid copper hollow point line in both the self-defense and hunting offerings which provide maximum expansion and weight retention and unmatched ballistic and terminal performance.

The Hyperion team understands that ammunition needs to work flawlessly every time from training to self-defense and even a special hunt to put food on the table. We stand behind our product and love working directly with our dealers and getting feedback from consumers. Along with the other great brands in our strategic network, we strive to bring technical expertise and great products to the market for our amazing customers!
Happy Shooting!