Garaysar is a Florida-based international military arms manufacturer and equipment supplier. We procure customized solutions for American and international law enforcement, governmental agencies, and the military. Our unique business model allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for organizations that are dealing with complicated and unconventional circumstances. All of our services and products fully comply with regulations regarding the export of defense, training, related know-how, equipment, system, and services.

Garaysar has the equipment and talented staff to ensure your custom orders are fulfilled to your satisfaction. We use Haas machines to deliver precision products, and our trained staff has a combined total of over 100 years in the firearms industry. If you need a privately manufactured gun part, we can help.

Garaysar manufactures both forged and billet AR-15 lower receivers, dedicated 9mm lower receivers, and .308 Upper and lower receivers. We also manufacture custom-designed lower receivers for several clients, along with many other custom parts. Lowers, uppers, barrels, muzzle devices, buffers, and various accessories. If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, don’t worry. We will work with you to produce exactly what you are looking for. Not only will Garaysar produce it, but we will also produce it with unfailing precision.

In addition to holding exacting tolerances in our manufacturing process, Garaysar includes features on our forged lowers that some others don’t do even on their more expensive billet lowers.

Our standard forged lower receiver comes with the rear takedown detent hole threaded for a 6-32 x 1/8” set screw so you don’t have to fight the detent spring when installing or changing the buffer tube or end plate.

Every lower receiver comes standard with the upper/lower receiver tensioning screw hole and a ¼”-28 x ½” nylon tipped tensioning screw just in case another vendor’s upper doesn’t fit quite as snugly as you would like.

 Each of our forgings comes standard with the bolt catch roll pinhole threaded for our 6-32 dog leg set screw just like our billet lower receivers. This means no need to beat a rolling pin into place, just place the bolt catch and screw in the dog leg set screw with an Allen key, and done! No other manufacturer that we are aware of even offers this as an option, let alone as a standard feature. We do!

Garaysar’s dedication to precision weaponry requires constant investment in new products and innovation to meet every need no matter the mission, the complexity or the capacity.

However, human capital remains our most precious investment, leading to what we feel is the finest team of professionals anyone will find in weaponry today.